LEDBoard - Interface to a Pro-Lite LED Sign

by Chris Kirmse
LEDBoard is a small tray-based program that displays messages on compatible Pro-Lite LED signs over a serial port connection at 300 baud. It allows the user to set the message by hand, but is most useful in conjunction with MAME32. If you enable "Broadcast selected game to all windows" in MAME32, then LEDBoard will receive the current game you are playing and display this on your LED sign.

Thanks to some code from Brian Gottlieb, LEDBoard can also set your Yahoo! Messenger status.

To see this in action, check out the Arcade/PC Machine.


Since this program is mostly for my own use, it doesn't have configurable options for which serial port to use. If you're interested in having me add more features to LEDBoard, let me know. Otherwise, feel free to refer to the source code to see how to create a program that listens to the game names that MAME32 broadcasts.